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ISSN 0130-0083

A manuscript sent to another journal (including electronic) or already published in another journal (also including electronic) cannot be submitted to “Moscow University Bulletin. Series 8: History”. The author of the article is obliged to notify the editorial staff about his similar works, already published or under consideration in other journals.

All authors are responsible for the content of their work. By submitting their manuscript, authors thereby guarantee that it is original and in no way infringes the copyrights of others (and the borrowed fragments are appropriately cited). Plagiarism, that is the use of someone else’s published and unpublished ideas without mentioning their source, is unacceptable and is the basis for rejecting an article. Self-plagiarism is considered a violation of copyright ethics and may also lead to rejection of the manuscript.

The editorial board reserves the right not to accept for publication an article that violates the copyright of third parties, contains plagiarism as well as calls for national, ethnic or religious hatred.

The authors are responsible for the selection and accuracy of the facts, quotes, proper names, geographical names, statistical and other information as well as for the use of data not intended for publication. The authors guarantee presentation of reliable results of their research and an objective assessment of their significance. False or knowingly incorrect statements or references are grounds for rejection of the manuscript. Authors are required to indicate sources of research funding, place of work and other information that may cause a conflict of interest.